November 22, 2016


"The true measure social impact is not how well you can care for someone in your presence, but how well they thrive in your absence." ~ Krochet Kids Christmas is just around the corner and while we are still on the front side of Thanksgiving the stores are already wooing us with their festive decorations and spirited holiday music ......and way too early Black Friday sales. This holiday season is in full swing whether we are ready for it or not. When it comes to holiday gift giving, I tend to air more on the side of spending quality time and doing fun activities with the people I love rather than spending a whole lot of money on gifts. However, I definitely get excited when I find the perfect gift for someone! And doubly excited when it’s a gift with a greater purpose behind the product. If you are going to be doing a little shopping this year have you checked out some of the really amazing Socially Good Companies with great products and an even cooler global impact!? Check out some of our favorites here on our The Holiday Gift Guide: Socially Good Gifting page. I love giving gifts that come with a greater story behind every gift. Not only am I able to bless the ones I love with a special gift they can use to pamper themselves, I get to include a story of how their simple gift is helping to change the world. I think most people want to make a difference in the world but I'm not sure how many people honestly love to get those wrapped certificates that say "I donated on your behalf". Don't get me wrong, it's a super nice gesture and we need to be donating for change but what about getting a super cute shirt from a company "Turning Rages Into Resources" or another company with really cool socks who donate a pair for each pair sold and help to employ the homeless. Your money goes doubly far. It's not only exchanged for cool goods but empowers a group of people doing really great things to keep on doing really great things! Click on over to read the full article and check out the videos today!

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