READ: Esther 1:1-9; Genesis 17:1-8

“Now in the days of Ahasuerus, the Ahasuerus who reigned from India to Ethiopia over 127 provinces, in those days when King Ahasuerus sat on his royal throne in Susa, the citadel,” {Esther 1:1-2}

Are there places you believe God simply can’t be found?

He can’t meet us in our mess, He’s too holy.   He can’t find us in our sin, He’s too righteous.

In one of the most powerful empires in all of the world and during the reign of King Xerxes the evilest king in all the world, living smack dab in the middle were God’s chosen people. We know that Cyrus the Great had issued an edict earlier allowing the Jews to return to Isreal. A place that was not just their homeland, it was their Promised Land. However, where this story picks up the Jews had turned from what they knew, stayed in Persia, and had even started to assimilate into the Persian culture.

Their blending in had caused them to fear God and wonder if He would even recognize them as his own. Did God remember them? Was the hand of God still on them?

There have been times I have started to blend in with the world around me and wondered the same thing.  Can God still find me when I look like the world?  Does He still recognize me or have I wondered too far from him?

The book of Esther is unique in that it’s the only book in the whole bible that doesn’t mention God, not even once.  His name never appears in the pages of Esther.  However, this unique twist has a very powerful lesson for us.  When we can’t find God, is he still there?

Although the mention of God can not be found in the pages of Esther, we know that his righteous hand was still very much on his people throughout the whole story.  In being able to step back and see the whole story we see the providence of God faithfully woven throughout and a covenant between God and His people made hundreds of years earlier kept in the pages of Esther.

“And I will establish my covenant between me and you and your offspring after you throughout their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your offspring after you.” {Genesis 17:7, ESV}

God was with them. Despite deciding to live in a nation that was not their own and under the reign of the evilest kings in all the world, God was still there!

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Even when we can’t find God.  Believe He is always there!

Maybe you have gone through a season where you can’t see the hand of God in your life.  Or you’ve prayed without ceasing for something that still hasn’t come to fruition.  And maybe you are wondering, is God still there?  Does He even hear me? 

Even when we can’t see him, his Word promises that God still “works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will.” {Eph. 1:11} My prayer is that as we read the story of Esther that our faith would be built up to recognize the very faithful hand of God in our lives, even when we can’t find him. May you know without doubt, he is always with you.

Believe it! Trust it! Live it!

  • What do you do when you can’t see God? How do you remind yourself the truth that He is there?
  • When have you experienced the providence of God? List a specific experience or situation.
  • To help us recognize God in our lives, list all the ways he has been faithful to you recently.

Lord, may we know deep in our core the truth that you are always with us.  May we rest securely in the truth that not only are you  with us but that you have faithfully gone before us and prepared our way.  Give us ears to hear you and eyes to see you so that we may faithfully follow you. Lord, help us to be women who recognize your faithful hand on our lives even when we can’t find you. ~ Amen.

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