JOHN | Abundant life: filled to overflowing with Jesus. { DAY TEN }


“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  {John 10:10, ESV}

Wow, as I sat in disbelief in my hot pink, prayer chair preparing to write this exact devotional on John 10:10, I don’t know why, but God never ceases to amaze me!

I had just opened my devotional to find John 10:9-10 as the scripture for the day. I was so encouraged and filled by this act of God’s care and clarity, I praised Him. Life spilled out of my soul.

As I began to re-read the verse God had laid on my heart, He began to show me exactly what it meant to live the abundant life.

The word, “abundantly,” had originally led me to imagine myself driving something other than my ready to roll over 100,000 miles minivan, and possibly some other “necessities” promising to make my life more abundant.

“Perhaps a full-time launderer, chef and personal shopper might add to my abundant life,” I laughed.

But God has set eternity in our hearts and although these “things” we often covet and cling to may provide temporary enjoyment, ultimately they never satisfy. In my heart, I knew this to be true, but often I’d find myself clambering for more. More stuff, more busyness, more things to fill the growing emptiness in my heart.

There must be more to abundant life than just having more stuff. I know it means to be filled, I questioned, but how and with what?

I read the words thinking about how clearly I could see them, even more so with my new reading glasses. Some mornings, I squint and stare at the words with my bible an arm’s length away because I’m too lazy to look for them. I can see the words, just barely, but I spend so much energy focusing on my fading eyesight, that I have trouble really receiving the true meaning of God’s Word.

But when I wear my glasses I see the words with physical clarity. It enables me to process God’s Word without focusing on my frailty. Even more so is God’s lens we must filter our hearts through as we experience the true abundance Jesus longs to provide.

Has the enemy duped us into thinking more stuff will create this abundance Jesus alone provides?

An abundance of stuff may fill our houses but it is not the abundant life Jesus is referring to in this passage. Just as my reading glasses make the physical words pop clearly off the page, living through the lens of Jesus offers clarity and fullness in our hearts. This is the abundance Jesus speaks of in John 10:10. Of course, God cares about the details and day to day desires of our hearts, however, even more so He longs for us to see our lives through His eyes; eyes of holiness, grace and yes, even abundance. His purposeful plans, that somehow manage to fill our hearts with abundance, are priceless, in comparison to His physical provisions.

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We may be saying we want to walk with Jesus, but it’s as if the alarm goes off and the covers call our names, or thoughts that Jesus wants me to have a new car in exchange for my aging minivan clouds our clarity. Much like my fading eyesight, it keeps us holding Jesus at an arm’s length struggling to focus on a dimly lit version of Him, one that doesn’t fit our earthly definition of abundant life.

Yet as we seek to savor our Savior, our search for stuff to satisfy will slink away.

Living abundantly and in fullness has more to do with filling our hearts with His presence, than it does with filling our homes with products.  Allowing Him to work in our hearts to embrace our emptiness will help us see clearly to fulfill His purposes. This is abundant life. May we enjoy a clarity of purpose that overflows as we seek to live abundantly through Him alone.


  • What clouds your clarity and commands your attention instead of Jesus?
  • Why are our physical needs so often a priority over our purposeful, God-given plans? How can we seek to elevate His plans for us over His provision to us?
  • Since His presence is what fills us to overflowing abundance, what are practical ways to experience God’s faithfulness?


Lord, you are so good to us and yet often we miss it. We get so focused on the new minivan to fill our emptiness, that we fail to see You at work in the purpose of our lives. God thank you for your true abundance, instead of stuff making our hearts overflow with praise, we see your presence at work in our lives. We praise your holy name for making yourself known through our lives and using us, although tiny vessels, to glorify yourself as we walk in truth. Let us not elevate Your provisions over You, God for it is in You that we experience fullness of joy, and that is true abundant life. Amen

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Aimee Caverly
Aimee Caverly
I’m Aimee, wife to my handsome high school sweetheart hubby, Mark and mom to my girl-tribe of three tween/teens. I’m a total word nerd which includes Words with friends, my best friend - Thesaurus, and the Ultimate Word - The Bible. I love all things Swedish - dala horses, decor and foodie delights. I write about finding your identity in Christ and have a heart for women struggling to find their place in God’s story. You can read more about me at

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