JOHN | Because of His Victory, We can do it. { DAY SIXTEEN }



“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” {John 16:33, ESV}

The wet pavement made my nerves fight for control as I struggled to keep my balance, yet I continued to pedal as fast as my legs would go. Finally, I skidded into the bike rack and almost by instinct took off running.

“Splash,” my shoes would never be white again. I felt the muddy waters filter through my toes and decided to run as fast as I could, despite my mud-stained shoes and cloudy view. Really, I hated this, but I had signed up for this triathlon, and now I was doing it.

“The faster I go, the quicker it would be over,” as I breathed heavily in and out, almost like a mantra.

Rain pelted my skin and drenched my ponytail as I rounded the final curve towards the finish line.

“This is so messy,” I lamented, “kinda like life.”

Doesn’t it just seem like the world is a mess? Between the political tension of the times, the pressure of technology and the general distress of the population, life seems out of control, almost like we are skidding into the bike rack on wet pavement, only to have another race waiting amidst the raging thundering storm.

Rain pelts our skin, muddy waters fill our hearts, dangerous clouds loom above but guess what friend, Jesus has overcome the world.

People throughout all generations have dealt with persecution, sickness and storms, it is nothing new. Remember, even the disciples experienced a storm on the Sea of Galilee {Luke 8}. It is not about if we will have storms in our lives, it is about when one will come. But even though we do not have a choice about the presence of pandemonium, we do have a choice about our position on peace.

Supernaturally, we can choose peace. The definition of peace in John 16:33, is wholeness. Wholeness is a gift from God to us that never wavers despite the circumstances. Maybe we’ve decided peace is just the lack of noise or commonality between two parties, but amazingly it is something we can choose to maintain even through the piercing rainstorm. Remember what Jesus was doing during that nasty storm in Luke 8:22-25? Check it out.

Through Jesus alone, can we experience a wholeness that fills our hearts to overflowing peace so we can rest. You see, Jesus has overcome this stormy race called life. In fact, the Greek word for overcome is the word “nikao.” Nikao comes from a root word, “nike” which means to properly conquer or carry off the victory.

Does that word sound familiar? Do you believe Jesus has already done it? Or are you feeling fretful about the storm that’s coming?

Our ability to embrace wholeness through Christ enables us to withstand the pressures that threaten to disrupt our peace. But we must intentionally choose it anyway, by going to God’s Word for our fill. Let us encourage one another to know the Savior intimately and completely, and He will provide the completeness that satisfies so that even during the most intense storms, we can choose to rest.

No, reading the Word may not make the wind and the rain disappear, but maybe it’s not supposed to. Let us instead see how God’s Word might change us into runners who persevere despite the chaos. With Him, we can “Just Do It!”


  • When do you feel the most peace-filled in your life?
  • Spend time in God’s word for the sheer pleasure of experiencing His presence. What are the effects of Jesus in your life because of this?
  • What is your instinct when a storm comes? Are you anxious and fretful or filled with peace because of Jesus.


Lord, we praise You for You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. Let us focus on your presence. It may not make our storms disappear, but it will encourage our faith and make us different, God. In a world filled with chaos, we often lose our direction and fret when the sea is not calm. We enjoy smooth sailing. However, often we focus on the wind and waves and chaos instead of You, Lord. Change our hearts God and grow us closer to you despite the thunder and lightning. Help us to persevere amidst the storm. Thank you, Jesus, for your Victory. Help us be victorious through You. Amen






Aimee Caverly
Aimee Caverly
I’m Aimee, wife to my handsome high school sweetheart hubby, Mark and mom to my girl-tribe of three tween/teens. I’m a total word nerd which includes Words with friends, my best friend - Thesaurus, and the Ultimate Word - The Bible. I love all things Swedish - dala horses, decor and foodie delights. I write about finding your identity in Christ and have a heart for women struggling to find their place in God’s story. You can read more about me at

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