Joshua Day 13



A friend of mine heard a pastor give a message were he said “God always pays for what He orders“, meaning whatever the Lord calls us to do, God will provide all we need to do all that He is asking!  That phrase has stuck with me.  Probably because I can instantly imagine God standing at the “Order Here” counter of a local deli, asking for what He wants, and then paying for it right then.  It’s simple. it’s straight forward. and easily understood. — in the midst of so much life that is anything but understandable at times. When I’m not sure how things will come together and get accomplished, I breath – “God always pays for what he orders!”


God gave Moses and Joshua a vision to take possession of the Promised Land.  Now, in Joshua’s old age {reminds the Lord ever so bluntly – v.13:1b} the Lord is asking Joshua to fulfill and finish that vision by divvying up not only the land, but the responsibility to carry on God’s vision.  And right now, while there is still so much land to conquer.

God cares about bringing His vision for us to fulfillment.

Moses died and wasn’t allowed to venture into the Promise Land, but before he died he passed the leadership torch to Joshua.  Now, Joshua in his old age, is passing the responsibility torch and vision to all the tribes by giving them their land, their inheritance, their stake in continuing in God’s plan for them. Joshua is not off the hook just yet, God’s just putting in motion the next steps.

Sometimes, true success isn’t just measured by how well we have followed and fulfilled the call of God ourselves, but also in how well we encourage and inspire others along the way.  Each person is responsible for their own part in God’s kingdom building but we have been designed to encourage and pass along all the Lord has given us.

How is God leading you? and how can you be leading others in that same vision?

Believe It! – God doesn’t just lead us to fulfill part of the call on our lives, He always fulfills the whole call! — even {and especially} if it means enlisting others to help.

Trust It! – God will always pay for what he orders!

Live It! – Walk in the truth today, that whatever God has called you to, He will provide the way to carry out that call!  No if, ands, or buts, about it! & most often blessing you with great people to help you along the way!

I’m praying that you will believe, trust, and live this spiritual truth today — God always pays for what he orders! You already have everything you need — right now you have enough!

believe it trust it live it



BethAnn Foro
BethAnn Foro
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