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Isn’t it just so amazing that God gives us second, third, countless really, chances to get it right! The Lord loves us so much and out of that great love, He will never give up on us!  As long as we continue in Him, he will forever continue in us.  For this ‘Hard Head’, I am extremely thankful for my countless chances.  As much as I would love to say I listen to the Lord and I obey the first go around, so often, I forget or don’t do what he’s asking, and for any number of reasons at that. Or I just don’t walk in the truth and obedience I know because I am being pulled by the shining distracting things of the world.  I never mean too, it just happens, often slowly as I cut corners in my relationship with the Lord.

In those moments, when I know I’m not walking the way I should, not doing all I know the Lord has asked of me, I am so thankful for my second chance to make it right and the strength, wisdom and courage the Lord fills me with when I confess my ways and recommit to the Lords ways.

In today’s reading we have a warning and an encouragement.

We have a warning against Sin and it’s ramifications on our christian life, how it hinders our blessings from God and quenches the Spirit.  Sin holds us back, captive to the things of the world and prevents the Lord from blessing our lives.

The encouragement is in a great Hope that when we deal with the sin in our life, blessing and prosperity can come. When we make right the wrong that we’ve done, God can bring blessing.  After the sin of Achan had been dealt with God quickly heaped blessing upon them with the defeat of Ai and in giving them all the livestock and plunder from the city.

Note: There is just so much good stuff to get from these chapters in Joshua, and I can only speak to a couple things with each blog post. So, feel free to read the chapter a couple times. Notice and pull out different things each time. The this book is so rich with lessons, and truth of God’s character, and good truth throughout each chapter — I highly recommend spending some extra time in each chapter of Joshua.

The first words God spoke to Joshua after the sin of Achan had been dealt with was “Do not fear and do not be dismayed.” Some very trusted and encouraging words to hear reassuring that God’s favor on them had been restored and a special encouragement right before they head back into battle. Victory was immanent!

Just after those faithful words, God would bless them by allowing them to take the riches and livestock from the city for themselves.  Before, remember, God asked that they dedicate all the plunder to God, this time, an extra heaping of blessing in that they got to keep the riches in victory for themselves.

Obedience to God is so important. However, ‘if at first we don’t succeed, try and try again’ — don’t count it all lost if you find yourself in disobedience to God.  For me, it’s so easy to get downtrodden or feel defeat when I know I’ve messed up.  But with God, when we mess up, it’s a beautiful opportunity to walk in His Grace, return to the Lord and make right the situation.  And when we do, we get to experience the beauty of God’s forgiveness and restoration in our lives! 

In our mess ups, lies an incredible opportunity to experience God and draw closer to him.  It’s in those moments that I believe we really grow in our understanding of God and His character.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” {Matthew 6:33, ESV}

Friends, if you are struggling in an area of obedience to the Lord, take heart that the Lord loves you and wants to be your ever present help in this area!  He is standing before you with open arms wanting to embrace you today!  His call to obedience is never to harm you are make your life more difficult but instead to shower you with all the spiritual blessing and good things He has for your life!  I love this message of second chance today!  It’s never too late to make things right with the Lord and carry on.  How many relationships do you know that would allow this?  God is so good!  His blessings are real and ready right now!  Trust the Lord for this proclamation of Hope for our lives!

believe it trust it live it

MEMORY VERSE: “And the LORD said to Joshua {and YOU}, “Do not fear and do not be dismayed.” 

These are such good words to have in your memory bank — speaking God’s truth when we are faced with difficult moments in life has the power to change our lives…right there in that moment we speak out!


BethAnn Foro
BethAnn Foro
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