Hello! & Happy New Year from She Believes!!

It’s a new year!  Can you taste the fresh start!? I love new beginnings.  It’s invigorating, exciting and so full of hope!

It’s that clean slate we sometimes need to brush off the old and start again. A beautiful opportunity to make changes, assess what has been working, and what maybe hasn’t been working so well, to live better and more intentionally in the new year.

The new year always serves as a reminder that nothing ever stays the same for very long. Good or bad, there are always opportunities for our situations and our lives to change.

How encouraging, inspiring and hope-filled is that?!  I’ve drudged through some tough seasons and I’ve sailed through wonderful chapters in my life, in both, I’ve witnessed the beauty of God’s truth that says there is a time for everything.

This year I want to get better at memorizing God’s Word.  I want to be mindful of the power of God’s Word in my life every day. Understanding the importance of memorizing, knowing, and walking in the light of God’s Word for more joy, freedom, and encouragement for every moment, every relationship, and every dream I have.

I hope you will join us every Sunday in 2017 as we tackle a new scripture each week and commit it to memory!  Join us will you! Let’s all witness the amazing power on our lives when we commit to memorizing God’s Word together!

What do you want to achieve this year?  What dreams or goals has the Lord placed on your heart?   Do you have a plan to achieve those goals?

To kick off the new year and help us all achieve our big dreams and live blooming goals this year, we have designed a 2017 Dream & Vision Guide – it is the resource to help you intentionally cultivate the dreams and goals God has placed in your heart for 2017. Check your email for your FREE download or join She Believes today to receive your download {Click Here}.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” {Numbers 6:24-26}


Join us every Sunday when we post a new verse for the week!

I hope you’ll join us each week as we memorize God’s Word together.  Memorizing scripture is one of the purest ways we are able to carry God’s Word with us wherever we go!  It puts His truth on our tongue, in our hearts, and encourages our souls all day long as we follow Christ.

Let's commit to getting crazy creative at memorizing God's word each week! Click To Tweet
  • Create a drawing or painting to help you remember the scripture.
  • Set the scripture to a familiar tune or jingle as a super fun way to remember those longer passages.
  • Write the passage out several times (remember elementary school punishment – “I will not…” x100 – It really does work!).
  • Write the passage on 3×5 note cards and place them next to your computer, on the dashboard of your car, and anywhere else you will see it often throughout your day.

Get creative with your memorization! Not only will this help you commit scripture to memory, it will be so incredibly rewarding when you can recite that scripture at the absolute perfect moment to encourage not only your own heart but bless your friends as well!

If you create something fun to help with this week’s memory verse challenge, be sure to post it and tag #SheBelieves so we can all see and be encouraged!

P.s. If this scripture encourages you, be sure to pass the encouragement along and share it with a friend! 

BethAnn Foro
BethAnn Foro
Howdy, I'm BethAnn! Founder, Author, Bible Teacher, & Chief Visionary at She Believes Ministries. I love to gather and encourage women everywhere to lean into Jesus and simply BELIEVE HIM! Not just believe in God but truly believe all of Him for our whole life! I'm so happy you are here at SHE BELIEVES, I hope you find encouragement and deep refreshment for your soul through the online pages and faith-based resources at SHE BELIEVES MINISTRIES!

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