A Noble Task {Day 4}

A Noble Task { Day 4 }READ: 1 Timothy 3:1-7, ESV

“The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task.” {1 Timothy 3:1, ESV}

I recently asked my little four-year-old neighbor what she wants to be when she grows up. Her answer? The boss of everybody—or a ladybug!

Beginning in childhood, we all aspire to different roles, positions, and assignments. Yet, in order to succeed in those plans, we need the proper training and we need meet certain requirements. (Not sure how you would train to be a ladybug, however!)

Today’s passage address the requirements needed for those who desire to be overseers (in other words, those who desire to have leadership roles within the church or in ministry).

Paul begins the passage by saying that pursuing ministry leadership is a noble task. It is a good thing. And yet, we know from other similar passages that it is also a weighty task and not one to be entered into lightly. [See James 3:1, “ Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.]

Yet, is there any greater joy than teaching others about the God who made them, loves them, and sent His Son to save them?

And while today’s passage is full of many do’s and don’t do’s for those desiring to serve in leadership roles, one basic—fundamental—principal shines through the list:

In order to effectively serve God in ministry, we need to do things God’s way. Click To Tweet

But where do we learn God’s way? How do we know how He wants us to live?

By learning and applying God’s Word!

By spending time with God we deepen our relationship with Him and will begin to desire what He desires.

As leaders—whether church leaders, teachers, Bible study facilitators, nursery workers, lay leaders, parents, or any other type of role in which we have influence over others—we need to hold fast to God’s Word and live His way so that we can help others do the same.

Yet, we are warned at the end of our passage that the devil is eagerly waiting to trap leaders in his snare. The enemy delights when ministry leaders fall—when hypocrisy and unconfessed sin are exposed. Therefore, we must be on guard against sin, and quickly confess it. We must cling to the Savior and daily—hourly—ask Him to help us live righteously so that we do not wander into Satan’s trap.

Ministry is not easy. Leading others is often difficult. But knowing you played a role in someone’s eternity is incredible. Watching God work through you is humbling. And witnessing the miracle of a perfect God choosing to use imperfect people to accomplish His work is breathtaking.


  • Have you been called to some kind of leadership role within the church or in ministry? If not formally, then think of those in your life who God has placed there so you can share about Him. Jot down your leadership roles and/or those in your life who you can share the Gospel with (or disciple).
  • Prayerfully consider if there are areas in your life, or ministry, in which you are resisting doing things God’s way. Confess those to the Lord and invite Him to have His way in those areas.
  • Do you have someone to help hold you accountable to living God’s way? Someone who will lovingly call out to you if they see you beginning to wander in the enemy’s trap? And to which you will do the same? If not, ask the Lord to allow you to partner with someone in that way as you both strive to do things God’s way.


Lord, we long to know You and to serve You. And while we often do not feel qualified to serve You, we trust that if You call us to do something, You will equip us to do it. Father, we thank You for those who have answered Your calling and pray for more to do so. Stir up Your people, Lord. Call more. Equip more. Shine brightly through Your people. We pray this boldly in Jesus’ Name, amen.

Jennifer Bleakley
Jennifer Bleakley
I’m Jen, a wife of 18 years and mom of two—a teen boy and an almost tween girl. Born and raised in FL, I have called North Carolina home for the past 14 years, but am still a flip-flop girl at heart. I am passionate about studying, teaching, writing and speaking about the Bible, and the Hope found in Jesus. If I am not hanging with my family, tossing a ball for our golden retriever, or typing on my well-used computer, I am most likely buried under a mountain of laundry! I am excited to join you on this wonderful adventure through God’s Word.

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