December 23, 2016

ADVENT STUDY: Falling Chains, Finding Hope {Day 12}

Advent Study: He is Faithful: Called Out of Egypt READ: Hosea 11:1, Matthew 2:13-15 “When Israel was a child, I […]
December 21, 2016

ADVENT STUDY: Hearing The Shepherd’s Call { Day 11 }

Advent Study: He is Faithful: A Shepherd for Gods People READ: Ezekiel 34:1-3; John 10: 1-18 “I am the good Shepherd. […]
December 19, 2016

ADVENT STUDY: When Big Debuts Aren’t So Big { Day 10 }

Advent Study: He is Faithful: Entering publicly into Jerusalem READ: Zechariah 9:9;  Matthew 21:1-5 “Rejoice greatly, Daughter Zion! Shout, Daughter Jerusalem! […]
December 16, 2016

ADVENT STUDY: God With Us. { Day 9 }

Advent Study: He is Faithful: Called Immanuel READ: Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:22-23 ESV “All this took place to fulfill what the […]
December 14, 2016

ADVENT STUDY: Those Whom God Appoints, He Anoints. { Day 8 }

Advent Study: He is Faithful: Public Entry into Ministry READ: Isaiah 61; Luke 4 “The Spirit of the Lord is on […]
December 12, 2016

ADVENT STUDY: The Unopened Gift. { Day 7 }

Advent Study: He is Faithful:Born in Bethlehem READ: Micah 5:2, Matthew 2:1, Luke 2:4-6 “Now after Jesus was born in […]
December 9, 2016

ADVENT STUDY: Made of Woman. Born of Humanity. { DAY 6 }

Everyone benefits from the gift of Jesus. No one is left out. He came so that all may have life, abundant life. Every prophecy propelled understanding into the deep mystery of the coming King. While it may have baffled those who heard the prophecies, the prophets gave a glimpse of the Kingdom come. The King who would lavish peace on the hearts of men and women even in the most troubling of times was on his way
December 7, 2016

ADVENT STUDY: Jesus is Greater { DAY 5 }

We have all found ourselves waiting for something better than our “right now.” We feel like we have been given a tiny glimpse of the abundant life God has for us. Maybe even just a taste of it and the hope that something greater is on the way for us…if we will simply wait. I guess you could say that I have been in a season of learning to wait wel
December 5, 2016


If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved {Rom 10:9} and bonus you are filled with the Holy Spirit. As it is written in Isaiah 44, "For I will pour water {Holy Spirit} upon your offspring." In the same way that water refreshes, cleanses and makes fruitful the earth so does the Holy Spirit benefit the faithful believer.
December 2, 2016

ADVENT STUDY: A Pivotal Turning Point in Our Redemptive Love Story. { DAY 3 }

The story of Abraham has always intrigued me. I can relate to a life-long longing interrupted by the occasional, "You want me to do what, Lord?"
November 30, 2016

ADVENT STUDY: Through Doubt Came Love. { DAY 2 }

Doubt. We have all been there. I can only imagine that as the prophecies of the Old Testament were pronounced for the first time that there would be multiple eye rolls and “yeah right’s” from the crowd.
November 28, 2016

ADVENT STUDY: A Priceless Inheritance. { DAY 1 }

Throughout history, God provided us a roadmap. Long before Christ was born, He foretold various signs and conditions through His prophets giving us clues about what was to come. These prophets spoke of things that mankind should watch for so that they would recognize the Messiah and believe in Him when He appeared.

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