READ: RUTH 1:6-14,

“May the Lord deal kindly with you, as you have dealt with the dead and with me. The Lord grant that you may find rest, each of you in the house of her husband!” {Ruth 1:8b-9}

Is it just me or do bad things happen in threes?  Maybe its just me but I feel like whenever I’ve had a couple bad things happen in a row, I can almost guarantee one more ball drop before too long.  I don’t live in a pessimistic state about this at all but more just in recognition to a recurring trend.  And I’m sorry, I don’t have any great theological proof or reason for this either, unfortunately, I only have my experiences.

For Naomi, she fled the land she knew to escape a devastating famine, her husband dies and then her only two sons die. {Wham Bam, Triple Whammy!}

Naomi is left without support, in a foreign land, with two young widows. Can you imagine? Maybe you can. I don’t know what it’s like to lose a husband, let alone your children.  I can’t imagine it’s easy. Naomi knew that this was dangerous for them to be young and without husbands, they needed the protection of their families. Naomi also knew that she was returning to her homeland, while the woman were Moabites. If they followed her, they would be moving into a land and culture that was unfamiliar to them.

As I read over Naomi’s response and urging for the woman to return to their families, I can’t help but think how sometimes we want so much more for the people we love, then we could ever give them. Naomi knew the road ahead would be a difficult one.

“May the Lord deal kindly with you…”

There are several beautiful blessings spoken to one another throughout the book of Ruth.  As you read through the book, be sure to draw attention to these blessings.  As I’m reading them, it makes me want to talk like that to my morning coffee Batista “May the Lord deal kindly with you and bless your day, and hey – thanks for this coffee, too!” What do you think, should I try this out today?

In the blessing Naomi speaks over Ruth and Orpah, she calls out to the Lord to bless them. In the midst of all her devastation and trial, she still knew the One who was sovereign over everything! The God who provides!

Often times, we want more for the people we love than we can give them.  When this happens {or in every relationship really} we ought to just point them to Jesus!  Christ is the only One who will never perish and will always be our protection and provision.

Believe It! – Christ will never leave you!

Trust It – Our friends will hurt us, our dreams may die, and things we never thought would happen – might, but Christ will never perish!  Christ will always be our number one support, provision giver, and protection maker.  Trust it!

Live It – Is there an area in your life where you are not trusting Christ sovereignty?  Pray and ask the Lord to help you give into His sovereignty for that thing today.  Walk in the full trust of God’s sovereignty for your life!  He cares so much for you!

believe it trust it live it


BethAnn Foro
BethAnn Foro
Howdy, I'm BethAnn! Founder, Author, Bible Teacher, & Chief Visionary at She Believes Ministries. I love to gather and encourage women everywhere to lean into Jesus and simply BELIEVE HIM! Not just believe in God but truly believe all of Him for our whole life! I'm so happy you are here at SHE BELIEVES, I hope you find encouragement and deep refreshment for your soul through the online pages and faith-based resources at SHE BELIEVES MINISTRIES!

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