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I am super excited to have Katie from Lane of Roses sharing her Blessed Because She Believes testimony today.  The heartbeat of She Believes is to encourage women everywhere to walk in the truth that we are truly blessed when we believe God. Not just believe in God but truly believe God; believing who He is and His Word for our lives.  Today, Katie shares the beauty of believing God through our relationship with Him.  The most important relationship of our life.  I hope you enjoy her beautiful words and find encouragement from her story of pressing into God.  After you read her article you can find out more about Katie in her bio below as well as links to hop on over to Lane Of Roses and check out all the really great encouragement in the Lord they have going on over there!  

I am blessed to have been invited to share my heart in a guest series they host over at Lane Of Roses, you can read my recent post here.


In the past, relationships shaped me more than anything. I craved the approval of other people and based my worth on how they perceived me.

One toxic relationship I had at 19 sent me on a four year downward spiral of self-loathing, loneliness, and despair. His cruel words made so much sense. And if he, someone I thought loved me, said such things surely they were true.

I was worthless.

Since I felt worthless, I chose friends who treated me that way too–compounding my downward spiral into a mess I never expected. I felt like I was at the bottom of a pit, doomed to a life of disappointment and regret. But something changed.

Someone introduced me to a concept brand new to me: Identity in Christ. I’d believed in God since I was a child, but I never knew God desired a real relationship with me. I thought my belief was more of a “get out of Hell free” sort of ticket into Heaven, and God probably thought I was a lost cause.

However, I discovered God doesn’t create worthless people. People are the ones making each other feel worthless. After years of searching for validation, I finally discovered the satisfaction I craved.

I was worthwhile.

In my experience there are two choices, 2 places, we can seek security:

  1. Relationships: How other people perceive me determines my worth. If so-and-so says I’m not enough, I’m not enough.
  2. A Relationship: How God perceives me determines my worth.You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way. Song of Solomon 4:7

Instead of defining myself based on relationships with other people, I define myself based on a relationship with God. When I base my worth on what God thinks, I see myself as He sees me. He sees me as His beloved daughter, His friend, and capable of anything through faith.

The good news is we can move from basing our worth on how others’ perceive us to what God thinks. God is patient, and created us for a relationship with Him. My relationship with God satisfies me in a way no other human relationship can.


Katie Humphress is the founder and co-director of Lane of Roses, Inc. a resource for women to live out their God-given potential. Click here to learn more about her book on Identity in Christ, Fake IDs and follow her on Instagram @katiehumphress.

The link:!bookstore/c1sfn

Website: Lane Of Roses

Instagram: @laneofroses

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BethAnn Foro
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