A game changer in my spiritual walk with the Lord was been learning how to identify the lie I’m believing and that in some way is negatively shaping how I live.  Since the beginning, that fateful experience in the garden of Eden lies from the enemy have been one of our greatest battles for freedom here on Earth.

Lies are sneaky.  Especially the lies we believe about ourselves.  They creep in slowly and build over time.  It’s hard to identify them as lies because often the world affirms them over and over again.

When we believe a lie that repeatedly gets affirmed we are less likely to challenge that lie, instead we invite it into our lives as truth.

So how can we get better at identifying those sneaky morsels of destruction and replace them with more of God’s faithful truth?

A couple Spiritual Tools that have worked really well for me are pinpoint prayer and strategic scripture memorization!  Pray to ask the Lord to specifically highlight the lie I am believing, uncovering it so I can in faith, swipe it away from my mental database. And then I use strategic scripture memorization to erase it completely because like any bad habit we need to replace it with a good one.  That same principle certainly applies to a lie we believe in our head. Before we can get it out of our sweet noggin, we need to be filled up with something better!

A good practice for any believer to do a spiritual assessment every once in a while.  A temperature check of your faith.  Ask yourself – Am I staying true to God’s Word and in tune with His will for my life?  Another good question to ask — Is there any area of my life I am not bringing under the submission of Jesus Christ?

Because these lies are often sneaky, we may need to do a little probing under the surface to uncover them.  We can pinpoint the lie by first looking at the areas in our lives that are a little off balance or maybe not running as smoothly as they could.

Lysa TerKuerst recently released a book titled: Uninvited: Living loved when you feel left out, less than and lonely.  In her book, she talks about how a past hurt, something said to us, can become a lie we believe about ourselves. After we believe the lie for a while it becomes a label we attach to ourselves. And the label eventually becomes a liability that negatively affects the way we live our lives.  Lysa’s teaching is so good on this topic.  Pick-up her book if you haven’t already, I can’t say enough good things about it!

For me, when I was in Elementry School, I was called on by the teacher to answer a question.  I was so nervous I stumbled to get my words out and didn’t answer the question anywhere near correct.  I was mortified. To make matters worse, one of the boys in my class made fun of me right there in front of the whole class and everyone laughed at me…Ugh, I wanted to crawl under my desk and never come out or better yet, fake an illness until the end of the school year.

I was so embarrassed that I immediately started to believe that I wasn’t smart and would never be able to add value to any discussion in the classroom or otherwise. To this day, I tremble with fear anytime I am in a group setting and there is the potential for being called on to answer a question in front of everyone.  Literally, shake with fear and my heart beats out of my chest. Please don’t call on me. Like never. Ever!

This little comment said to me a gazillion years ago has become a lie that can still trip me up from time to time all these years later and it has completely affected the way I handle any large group discussion. To God, I have value, I have experience and knowledge that He personally predestined for me to experience and that He wants me to share with others.  That’s the truth I need to be walking in!

It’s experiences like mine, and so many others, that completely stirs my heart for freedom from the lies that comes in a life steeped in Truth.  God’s Truth.

So here are some steps that I’ve found helpful to identify a lie and be able to replace it with the Truth of God. Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments below so we can learn together!

Step by faithful step:
  1. Identify a hurt or an area of your life that isn’t running as smoothly as it ought to? Is it a relationship? Your finances? or maybe your job? – these are big ones.  Maybe it’s smaller like getting called on in a classroom?
  2. Pinpoint Pray and ask the Lord to specifically identify the lie you are believing, in that area of your life?  Lord, what lie am I believe in this_______________ area of my life?
  3. Write the lie you are believing out?  Clearly identify it – I am believing _____________ about myself, my life, or a situation.
  4. Seek God’s Word for His truth that covers the lie.  Ask the Lord to reveal a scripture to help you. If you get stuck, visit, or and do a word study or bible concordance look up to help you find just the right scripture.
  5. Strategic Scripture Memorization –  After you have identified the scripture(s) that specifically speaks to the lie you are believing – take some time to memorize them.  Having these go to scriptures set to memory will help you in those moments when you are tempted to believe the lie again.
  6. Pray for release from believing the lie and for a renewed belief in God’s truth.

Friends, this may take a while.  Be gracious and loving to yourself.  Depending on how long you have believed the lie it may take some time to really change your mind and walk in Truth.  God can certainly bring complete transformation right away and I am believing that instant freedom for us all, but sometimes God allows us to take a journey to changing our minds for His glory, and that too has beauty and purpose for our lives and ultimately His Kingdom!

May you be unleashed into more freedom for your whole life as you relentlessly seek the Lord, being careful to live a life steeped in Truth!

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BethAnn Foro
BethAnn Foro
Howdy, I'm BethAnn! Founder, Author, Bible Teacher, & Chief Visionary at She Believes Ministries. I love to gather and encourage women everywhere to lean into Jesus and simply BELIEVE HIM! Not just believe in God but truly believe all of Him for our whole life! I'm so happy you are here at SHE BELIEVES, I hope you find encouragement and deep refreshment for your soul through the online pages and faith-based resources at SHE BELIEVES MINISTRIES!

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