UNSTOPPABLE GOSPEL: Allowing The Inexorable Truth Set You Free!

READ: ACTS 8:1-40

“Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, “Rise and go toward the south to the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” {Acts 8:26, ESV}

The Holy Spirit guides us to the people who need Jesus. 

Have you ever meet someone who just oozes Jesus?  It’s like Jesus comes out of every pore.  Everything they say, every mannerism reflects Jesus.  I’ve met a few people like that in my life.  I think someone who exemplifies what I’m trying to explain and who is a little more well known would be Bob Goff, author of “Love Does.”  When you are in the presence of Bob Goff you are touched by the Character of Jesus.

I often think people like Bob must be converting people left and right.  They are sharing Jesus every day and everywhere they go and leaving a huge wake of believers trailing behind them.

When I am in the presence of people who ooze Jesus, I’m challenged to pay attention to my own display of Christ. What Character(s) of Jesus do I show the world?

It can be daunting to think about changing the way I speak, respond to people, and show the love of Christ if my reflection has been a tad bit murky.

As Philip was traveling the Lord guided Him directly to the lost.  He didn’t just stumble upon the Eunuch the Lord very purposefully directed him right to the man.  And just as the Eunuch was trying to make sense of a passage from Isaiah.  He was primed to hear the message of Jesus and Philip was the perfect person to share that message with him.

Sometimes we need a very physical guidance to get us to our destination and other times we need the Holy Spirit counsel in how to act right where we are.

For me, I often need help in the latter. I want to display Jesus where ever I go but I get caught up in the business of my day and forget that there are very real people all around me who have a need for Jesus.  To know that the Holy Spirit can provide physical direction when I am at a crossroad is priceless.  In those big moments, I’ve gotten pretty good at pressing into the Lord but I often forget that the Holy Spirit can provide help for my everyday smaller situations that also have a the potential to make a significant impact in a person’s  life.  Those interactions with people and situations I’m in touch with every day; my Starbucks Barista or my colleagues at work.

When we walk into our every day with eyes and ears attentive to the Holy Spirit, it opens us up to display the character of Jesus to our Barista, the people in line at the grocery store, and our colleagues at work.  We are primed and available for God to guide us to the lost and to share the love of Jesus.  It sets us up with a readiness that oozes Jesus for the World to see.

Let’s all ooze Jesus as we go about your day! May the Lord bless you and guide your interactions for your good and His glory all day long!

Believe it Trust It Live it _ Gold


Do you need help with a physical direction or counsel in how care for the people right where you are?

What character(s) of Jesus do you display?

What character(s) would you like to be showing the world?

What steps or habits can you make right now to show Jesus to your neighbors?


IMAGE: Found on Unsplash.com

BethAnn Foro
BethAnn Foro
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  1. Evelyn says:

    Great post! Much needed perspective. Thanks for the challenge to ooze Jesus especially in the small things of our life.

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