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READ: ACTS 4:32-5:11

“Now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul,” {Acts 4:32}

There is an abundance that flows in our life when we trust the Lord with our everything.

As you read today’s scripture, there are two very distinct contrasting stories.  One of a group of believers who lived in one accord, sold their belongings, and shared everything they had with each other.  No one wanted or had need for anything.  A “great grace was upon them.”

“And with great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all.” {Acts 4:33, ESV}

In the second, Ananias and Sapphira, also believers, hid the true sum of their wealth in order to keep a portion for themselves. In the end, Ananias and Sapphira died. “And a great fear came upon all who heard of it.”{Acts 5:5}

I’ve often joked with some of my friends about starting a commune together.  How amazing would it be to share all the household chores, bills and responsibilities?  In part, it comes from a spirit of the first story and a desire to live free of the worldly pull to have, own, acquire more but instead share everything and lighten the burden of life.  When we live in a spirit of holding loose to what we have, we tend to have more. Not filled with more physical things but definitely more abundance in Spirit.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” {Acts 20:35} Is so true.

When the believers in the first story shared all they had, they were making a decision to not hold too tightly to anything of this world. Ananias and Sapphira did the exact opposite. They clung to what was worldly.

With God, everything we have is because of Him.  All ability to work and earn money, all possessions and wealth, all relationships and community, are a direct blessing from the Lord. There is a great grace upon our lives when we recognize and live knowing from where all things flow.

When we cling to the Lord instead of our wealth there is a peace and abundance that flows in our lives unlike anything this world could provide.

Ananias and Sapphira doubted the Lord would provide in a manor they wanted and therefore hoarded what they thought they deserved.  The other believers lived full of faith that the Lord would supply all they needed, and in so doing, they were showered with grace.

When we lie and attempt to cheat the Lord out of what is rightly His, we really do more of a disservice to our own souls.  The Lord may not ask us to sell all our possessions and give it all to the poor, however,  I do believe he will always ask us to live with our palms open willing to give all that we have to him.  As you study today’s passage may the Lord loosen your grip on anything of this world, and allow your soul to be completely bound in Him alone.


Is there anything in your life you are holding on too tightly to, unwilling to share or give up?

What are some of the physical signs of grace found in today’s scriptures? List them out.



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BethAnn Foro
BethAnn Foro
Howdy, I'm BethAnn! Founder, Author, Bible Teacher, & Chief Visionary at She Believes Ministries. I love to gather and encourage women everywhere to lean into Jesus and simply BELIEVE HIM! Not just believe in God but truly believe all of Him for our whole life! I'm so happy you are here at SHE BELIEVES, I hope you find encouragement and deep refreshment for your soul through the online pages and faith-based resources at SHE BELIEVES MINISTRIES!


  1. Meg Bucher says:

    The visual picture of “Clinging” to the Lord is such a strong and powerful sign of His grace. That we may cling to Him when we have no other plausible solutions arriving in our flesh-inspired minds.
    “Ananias and Sapphire doubted the Lord would provide in a manor they wanted and therefore hoarded what they thought they deserved. The other believers lived full of faith that the Lord would supply all they needed, and in so doing, they were showered with grace.” I love this, and long to be a part of the latter half of this sentiment.
    You are quite a vessel for breaking down God’s Word into digestible bit.
    You’re blog is absolutely adorable, as are you!!!
    Cannot wait to read more!
    Happy Tuesday!!

    • BethAnn says:

      Awe, Meg! Thank you so much. Thanks for hopping over and I see you are coming from #RaRaLinkup! So great! I just love that community. Thanks again Meg – May the Lord bless your day! xoxo ~ BethAnn

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