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READ: ACTS 6:1-7

“And the word of God continued to increase, and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem, and a great many of he priests became obedient to the faith.” {Acts 6:7, ESV}

Have you ever experienced conflict?  Conflict in your life or within the church?  I’m not sure it’s possible to have never experienced conflict. Albeit, I know there are many folks who would choose to avoid conflict at all cost, thereby tip-toeing around it, while others will forge head-on into a resolution.  Either way, conflict stunts growth if it is never resolved.

In today’s passage, we find a great deal of conflicts brewing in the church.  At its base, money. The responsibility of the church was to care for the widows and the Greek widows were feeling slighted compared to their Hebrew counterparts.

History has revealed to us a great deal of prejudices between the Greeks and the Hebrews which gives light to why there would be some jealousy rising up in this situation but it’s important to note the disciples response. As the church was growing rapidly they needed to elect leadership to oversee the administration of the congregation, however, they didn’t want to neglect the preaching and teaching. They choose to elect seven of good reputation who were also attentive to the Holy Spirit and gifted with wisdom to lead as deacons over the church. As for all the disciples….

“But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.” {Acts 6:4, ESV}

Electing godly leaders to oversee the church was great, however, the true power to resolve conflict lies in prayer and the word of God.   Plain and simple.

As the disciples and newly elected leaders worked together in unity; preaching and teaching and devoting themselves to prayer and the word of God, the word of God continued to increase.

“The independent force of the word of God makes it the preeminent instrument of salvation.” ~ Kodell 1974

The word of God, the message of salvation, is life! True life.  Freedom-filled life. And just like everything living has the ability to grow, so does the word of God!  John says three times in Acts “the word of God increased” {Acts 6:7, 12:24, 19:20}.  The word of God grew because the people devoted themselves to knowing and believing the word.  They made it a central part of their lives and chose to lean into Truth for it’s life-giving blessings. The word of God grew in them.

Do you have a conflict that needs resolution?

Maybe a relationship that needs mending?

Do you have an area of your life where prayer and the word of God just don’t touch?

You are not alone.  I have often compartmentalized my life, keeping those truly important things to me close, unable to loosen the grip to enable God to work. Fearing the Lord wouldn’t do what I wanted so I clinched my fists tighter.

The Lord wants you to loosen your grip, to come and fall at his feet in prayer and in his word, allowing His Truth to increase and breath life into you!  Take some time to pray about whatever came to mind as you read today’s devotional.  Submit it to the Lord and allow his life-giving truth to fall afresh on you today, to bring wisdom, life, and resolution today.

May the word of God increase in you today! 
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Acts six four


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